About Employee Volunteering CiC

We help companies implement dynamic and rewarding employee volunteering programmes across the UK and Ireland.

As a Community Interest Company our criteria for success is measureable impact. Our objective is to maximise the benefits to society and the environment by making it easier for businesses and community groups to work together towards a common aim. We offer the same high quality of volunteering across the UK and Ireland, and across a broad range of community, conservation or environmental causes.

Our aim is to make it easy for you, give your people choice and for everyone to have a great experience. That’s what creates a successful volunteering programme. We make it easy for busy employees to volunteer by removing barriers and obstacles to their participation. We deliver a great volunteering experience to ensure their time is put to great use, an important element to help ensure they volunteer again next year to help build programme momentum. We provide volunteer choice; we help volunteers make an impact for a cause in which they believe. This creates sustainability and many will go on to develop long term community relationships. 

How we started

We run your Employee Volunteering Programme. . . . you run your business

In 2006, four successful people, from different careers, came together to create our Community Coaching Project.  It was similar to other ILM coaching programs but with a significant difference.  Instead of finding colleagues to practise their coaching on, our delegates worked with young people from their local communities who were from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The results were amazing.  Not only did our delegates achieve their ILM coaching qualification but even more importantly they helped someone to start changing their own life for the better.

We started talking to businesses about the impact that their employees could have in their local communities.  We found that there was a huge appetite to do more but businesses needed it to be easy for their employees to get involved.  We also found that an opportunity that would appeal to one employee could be different for another and so choice was an important part of the process.  The experience also had to be a great one.  Volunteers don’t tend to go back if they don’t see the value they are adding or they don’t enjoy it. We also realised that the experience had to be great for the charitable organisation or community group as our clients’ brands were at stake.


We have grown to a team of 92 full time and part time friends working with over 60 clients across the UK.  Last year the volunteers we supported helped 465 different community organisations in 89 different towns and cities across the UK and Ireland. 

The volunteering activities have also grown from simple practical volunteering activities into more complex large scale projects that deliver significant impact in their communities.  We have developed original innovative skills volunteering programmes around health and wellbeing, action for the environment, coaching and mentoring, employability and enterprise, STEM, companionship, business development and personal finance skills.  We are launching an online volunteering platform to help time critical colleagues make a difference.

We are excited to be our sister company in Ireland this year and look forward to meeting new people to support a common aim to make a real difference in the communities in which we all live.

Our Values

We strive to be the first choice for our customers
The first question we are often asked by a new client is ‘what do we do’ or ‘how does it work’.  Our answer is simple, we work with customers to establish what is required and work with them to create the best solution for the business, colleagues and the community.
Regulatory compliance is integral to everything we do

We understand the importance of protecting our clients’ brand and reputation and we place regulatory compliance at the heart of what we do.  Keeping volunteers and service users safe is fundamental to this goal. 

We anticipate and organise ourselves for change

A successful volunteering programme evolves with time and we work with clients to keep their programme fresh and relevant.  We are agile and innovative and embrace new ways of helping volunteers to make a difference. We embrace technology and move with client and community priorities. 

We lead with purpose and integrity

We are committed to helping clients build the best programme for their business. We know what works, and what doesn’t, and are committed to being honest about the best solutions. Where we are not the right partner we will introduce those who are.

We seek new opportunities & meet threats

Year on year we introduce innovative ways for volunteers to get involved. We embrace a challenge and will always find a way to help our clients succeed. We analyse new regulations to understand the impact and to assure compliance.


We strive for outstanding performance

A successful volunteering programme must deliver the strategic goals. We help clients set realistic and achievable volunteering targets and work with them to measure success and deliver the highest return on the social investment. We strive to deliver ease, quality and choice.


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