Community interest companies improve lives

A community interest company is a business whose purpose is to improve communities. As one of the first UK CiCs we are proud to have helped thousands of volunteers to make a difference.

Employee Volunteering CiC is proud to be one of the founding Community Interest Companies when the concept emerged in early 2007.  It is a great legal structure for organisations that want to make a difference in the lives of others but without the restrictions of being a registered charity.  CIC’s are registered at Companies House and report annually to the CiC Regulator on their community achievements.  They are unable to pay dividends to shareholders and their assets are protected for community benefit.    

At Employee Volunteering CiC, we help companies implement dynamic and rewarding employee volunteering programmes across the UK. Our goal is to make it easy for businesses and communities to work towards a common goal, seamlessly.The benefits of bringing businesses and communities together are endless and well documented. It improves employee engagement, recruitment, skill development and retention within a company.  

Being a CiC is a big advantage in the volunteering space.  It makes it easy for companies to work with us in the knowledge that their investment goes directly to improving communities.  It also makes it easy for third sector organisations to work with us in the knowledge that we are not supporting them for profit.  It’s a true win-win.

Since becoming a CiC we have: 

  • Organised over 4,500 Volunteering Team Building events
  • Helped over 100,000 colleagues to make a difference in their local community
  • Worked with 1,265 charities
  • In 107 different towns and cities across the UK

Our company client list includes Lloyds Banking Group, AstraZeneca, Shell, Prudential, Lilly, Cognizant, Serco and Charles Stanley. We align our clients’ activities with third sector organisations such as care and community centres, schools and universities, entrepreneur organisations, youth centres, and much more.  If you are considering setting up an employee volunteering scheme, follow these helpful tips below:  

1.      Speak to Your Employees: you might find that your employees are already volunteering and have a general interest in the community. Understanding where their passions lie can help steer your choice on non-profit organisations.

2.      Think Long-Term: creating a volunteering scheme can have long-term benefits for you and your company. Start promoting it in your benefits package to allow potential employees to understand that you value community service.

3.      Embed the Programme: whilst ideas will come from impassioned colleagues, a successful programme needs board level leadership and funding.  A successful programme needs effort to organise and deliver and that time needs to be funded either through internal people or out sourcing.    

If you have additional questions or would like to start your programme today, please contact us at