A good reputation is hard to build and easy to lose; and when things go wrong the meaning of CSR can get a little confused. When CSR Goes Wrong

CSR is about doing the right thing, everytime.  It’s about giving back to those who have a greater need.  It’s about making a difference, not about the corporate image nor about looking good.  The quiet benefits emerge and rise to the top, there is no need to shout.  Our volunteers @LloydsBankingGroup are quietly making a difference in colleges across the UK this week by helping young people develop their employability skills and awareness of what good enterprise looks like.  @Lilly have their Global Day of Service today, 25 teams making a difference in 17 cities across the UK.  @Towry, @Shire, @Prudential et al are all making a difference, giving something back because it is the right thing to do, not because it is the right thing to be seen to be doing.  That is why it is such a pleasure working with great companies.  We make it easy, we help volunteers make an impact, and we give volunteers choice.  We also measure the impact they make.  But it is the volunteers that make the real difference.