How it works for teams

We run your Employee Volunteering run your business

We can support teams of three to three hundred volunteers on one day. These are typically for formed teams or can be sign-up events for different people from across the business. We will;

  • Hold a detailed requirement discussion with each event ambassador to agree the requirement
  • Identify a suitable project in a suitable location
  • Scope the volunteering work to suit the volunteering numbers
  • Carry out the risk and safeguarding assessments
  • Manage other applicable regulatory requirements
  • Produce the administrative instructions for volunteers for the day
  • Procure the materials needed for the event
  • Provide a first aid qualified facilitator to oversee the event
  • Bring the standard tools and equipment needed for the event
  • Ensure the site is left in a safe condition for the beneficiary after the event
  • Gather feedback from the volunteers and beneficiary
  • Provide a detailed Impact Report

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How it works for Individuals

There are many exciting opportunities for individuals to get involved in volunteering.  In our experience providing some guidance is usually enough to help volunteers find inspiring and rewarding opportunities.

We recognise that some colleagues are unable to take a full day to volunteer, or to be out of the office for more that 30 minutes at any one time. Our exciting new e-Volunteering programme has been designed to bridge this gap and offer colleagues online volunteering opportunities from their desks.  More information coming soon.  

How we safeguard your brand and reputation

We don’t make the rules, we just help protect our clients’ brand by ensuring regulatory compliance. Volunteers are considered to be at work and all employment regulations apply.

  • Risk Management including Construction Design Management 2015 regulations which apply to practical volunteering events
  • Provision of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Safety oversight throughout an event
  • Provision of First aid cover
  • Safeguarding policy including photography constraints
  • GDPR compliance and registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Insurance compliance and guidance
  • Environmental policy
  • Community selection in line with internal policies

Volunteer Feedback