I’m neither a technology guru nor a Luddite. I do know that social media is a great way of reaching out both to the companies that we support, and the communities in which they volunteer.  Our many charity and community partners often ask me where they should be putting their effort; I can never answer that one but this is how we do it at EVCiC, hope it is useful.

Our website is the chassis on which everything else is built.  It is our foundation and it is important that our website tells everyone what we do, how we can help, and why people should choose us.  For people who don’t know what they are looking for our case studies and photo gallery are there to provide ideas and inspiration.  And the latest updates to our other social media channels are easily accessible from our website.

Our Blog is our engine that drives our news and is designed to keep everyone up to date with what is happening, and provide people with information that is relevant or helpful to them.  It is not a sales vehicle, nor a bragging tool, it is meant to be useful and informative.

Our newsletter is our summary of the best bits that have happened in the intervening period for those who have not had the time to keep up to date with what’s been going on.

Linkedin has our business page which matches what we say about us on our website, it is another channel for people to find us and find out about what we do.  Linkedin enables us to communicate with Responsible Business professionals to link up with like minded people, and to find easy ways of finding out what other people are doing, best practice.  It is also a good place to share useful experiences.  It is a community and we treat it with respect by not promoting specific campaigns, requesting help, or making sales pitches.

Twitter is our accelerator pedal, without our foot on the pedal the car may tick over but will be on a slow and boring journey.  Our Twitter feed is up to date stuff about what is happening right now, what breaking news we hear, what great campaigns are going on, or what great ideas we have for people who are interested in what we have to say.  Again, it is a community and we are keen to share information from our followers and those we follow, even from competitors, if it is useful and relevant to our community.

Facebook is is our furry dice, Kenwood surround sound system and plush leather seats all wrapped up in one, it is where everyone can share their story, express themselves and indulge a little in the huge difference they have made to someone else’s life.  It’s all that with our favourite songs blaring away in the background.

Finally, Youtube is a great place to share our videos, of which there are now quite a few.  As always, as long as they are relevant they have their place.

So what about Instragram, Yammer, Snapchat, PInterest, Whatsap et al.  Well, I was never one for go faster stripes, and they didn’t make the car go any faster anyway.  I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t know them, don’t need them, or don’t understand them.  But as long as one of those applies, we stick to the basics.