Skills Volunteering - Where To Start

Skilled volunteering – Where to start

Skilled volunteering is about using your skills and experience to make a positive impact in your community.

Sometimes this is just about having a can-do attitude and communication skills that you have from being in a workplace environment.  We call this – Employee Volunteering CiC Everyday Skills ®™

 Sometimes it is about using your specialist experience and talents.  We call this – Employee Volunteering CiC Specialist Skills ™

If you are interested in skilled volunteering then the first starting point, is to decide whether you wish to volunteer using Everyday Skills or Specialist Skills.  There is a great need for both.  For example:-

Everyday Skills will typically be those skills many people have from being in a workplace environment, such as communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, using your initiative and being self motivated, working to deadlines, organisational skills, team working, ability to adapt and a can-do attitude.

Specialist Skills might include marketing, sales strategy, organisational change, IT skills, strategic development, legal advice, HR advice and data analysis. This list really is endless.

Skilled Volunteering opportunities  

Everyday Skills 

These opportunities are typically working with young people in schools. Schools are very keen to work with business people developing  employability skills in young people so that they are work ready.  We have a host of different programmes that we tailor to the school and volunteers which use these Everyday Skills whilst delivering a meaningful project for young people and schools.

Specialist Skills 

These opportunities are bespoke to the volunteering team.  We work with your designated team leader to understand the skills your team can offer and then we develop a volunteering opportunity in your local community where there is a need for the skills that you are offering.  We then work alongside you, so that we can evaluate and measure the impact your team has.

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