Raising donations from employees and customers is getting harder. Here we explore the challenge and look at some of the innovative solutions.

Technology, efficiencies and lean thinking are reducing corporate head count even among the corporate success stories.  Workplace demographics are changing with the technological savvy millennials, generation X and now generation Z shaping the future, and they’re carrying less cash.  Gen Z are starting work with student loan deductions taken directly from their salaries and housing affordability is being squeezed, asking them to donate is a tough ask.  Online purchasing is now on a par with visits to the shops.  High Street footfall is reducing and the opportunities to collect cash from customers are falling.  The stalwart of corporate fundraising has been variations on payroll giving.  Yet according to the Association of Payroll giving, whilst the number of payroll contributors has risen over the last 8 years the total donated has remained stagnant; people are giving less.  Innovation is needed to make it easy for corporate employees and their customers to keep on giving.

Tap London (www.taplondon.org) is a great charity that is embracing technology to make it easy for Londoners to donate towards the city’s homeless community.  In partnership with their technology provider Goodbox (www.goodbox.com), Tap London is setting up contactless donation stations across the city to make it easy for people to give a tap; what a great idea!  This is just one of the innovative fundraising solutions we discovered during recent research, contact us for further information.