Three Ways to Volunteering Action

There is a striking distinction between volunteering matching and volunteering action. The former needs someone, usually a busy colleague or a busy charity worker, to organise the volunteering contribution. The latter enables colleagues to spend every minute of their precious volunteering time on social action and allows charities get on with the vital work they already have to do. This is why Employee Volunteering is not a matching service, we are a volunteering action partner.

There are just three ways that colleagues make a volunteering difference. They can help a charity or not for profit with a plethora of business aspects to help them improve services, productivity or reduce costs. They can provide volunteers to make a difference in the lives of the people that the charity supports. Or they can help maintain a charity’s real estate or infrastructure which in turn has a measurable impact on the mental health, well-being and self-esteem of the residents, service users and charity employees and volunteers.

This can be achieved from as little as 10 minutes through to a full day at a time. It can be achieved by individuals online, remotely by teams of 10 to 100s, or on site by teams rolling up their sleeves on-site when Covid allows. It has never been easier to drive colleague engagement through meaningful social impact, which is just as well as we have work to do.