Benefits to business

For Teams

There is plenty of evidence that volunteering is good for employees and good for business, see our Media Center for useful information.

It is important that you know your specific activities make a difference, are good value for money and make good business sense. So we measure this for you. From recent activities we know that:

  • 97% of volunteers said our activities help develop a strong team 
  • 95% felt that volunteering had a positive influence on them
  • 76% said it had a positive influence on how they feel about their employer
  • 87% felt that volunteering improved their understanding of issues affecting their community
  • 98% rated enjoyment as excellent or good – volunteering has to be fun!

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The outcomes from volunteering are myriad and always rewarding.  From a practical project you can literally see the fruits of your volunteering time in a newly painted building or a newly landscaped garden or cleared pathway.  With one to one skills based and coaching and mentoring programmes not only are your employees gaining new skills and qualifications, such as the ILM level 5 in coaching and mentoring, but they are changing the lives of the people they are working with in a real and lasting way.

Outcomes for your employees include:

  • A sense of achievement at a personal and team level
  • A greater understanding of their local communities
  • Increased team working and better working relationships with colleagues
  • Increased levels of engagement with your organisation
  • Additional skills and qualifications from short one day activities to 6 month advanced Institute of Learning level 5 qualifications to enhance their employability and mobility within your organisation

Benefits for the whole of your business

We have many years experience to bring in matching the best types of volunteering activity with every group or individual in your organisation.  A team building day at a youth centre might be a great activity for your customer service teams to take them away from the phones for a day and allow them to make a difference in their community.  For your strategic managers and senior directors you might choose to share their valuable business skills with a local charity and at the same time gain practical experience of coaching and mentoring in the real world with real people and situations, making a vast difference to those people’s lives, enhancing their own skills and knowledge and engendering a feeling of personal achievement.

Client Feedback

You can also expect from us:

  • End to end management and facilitation of activities
  • All administration and logistics taken care of
  • All legal complexities safely managed:       
  • Evaluation of benefits to the business and to the community